history of the company

Madan Karan SHargh Group was established in 1991 by a group of engineers specializing in ceramics, mining and geology, and since then has been able to be equipped with laboratory facilities under the supervision of experienced specialists in materials required for the metal mining industry (porcelain, sanitary porcelain, To provide entrepreneurs in this field with ceramic and refractory tiles according to the type of production with the desired physical and chemical properties. Kaolin mines and industrial and refractory soils of this group are located in Sabzevar and Gonabad counties with a legal annual production capacity of 150,000 tons.


1. Gholamhossein Majidzadeh (Master of Mining)
2. Engineer Abbas Abdzadeh (Master of Non-Metallic Mineral Industries)
3. مرحوم مهندس حاج علی بسکابادی (فوق لیسانس مدیریت)

CEOs of MADAN KARAN SHARGH Group companies


1. Investment in research and development, design, production, conversion and processing of various minerals along with the expansion and development of exploration activities, extraction and sale of industrial soils such as kaolin, bentonite, silica, feldspar, refractory soil and other related products with them.
2. Becoming an innovative, leading, reference, global, bold, opportunistic company, with strategic thinking and with appropriate profitability and leading in the production of industrial soils (especially kaolin and feldspar) and other related products for all consumer industries In the Middle East and East and West Asia.
3. Providing diverse and quality minerals with competitive prices and in accordance with international standards and developed based on advanced technologies in the country as well as in export products with a trade balance in non-oil exports and imports.

  Hamdi Toos Mining Company
    Hamdi Toos Industrial and Mining Company, a subsidiary of Shargh Miners Group, was established as a special joint stock company on 06/07/2001 and on September 6, 2001 under No. 16661 in the Registry of Companies and Non-Governmental Institutions with the aim of carrying out effective activities. Registered in the country's industry and mining.

    The subject of the company's activity includes exploration, exploitation of minerals and carrying out related commercial activities.

    The national ID of the company is 10380322517 and its main center is Mashhad, Ferdowsi Blvd., between Janbaz Square and Samaneh St., No. 129.

    Among the activities carried out in these years, the results of which can be seen and exploited in recent years, we can mention the design and extraction of mines, exploitation and production of industrial soils to a significant percentage of the province's extraction.

    The company has also indirectly improved its goals by investing in metallic and non-metallic mineral areas.
  YASMIN GONABAD Mining Industrial Company